Rumba, the dance of love originated in the 16th century among the African slaves as a native folk dance depicting a pantomime of the mating dance of birds. The fascinating rhythms and body expressions make the Rumba one of the most popular Latin dances. The Rumba is the spirit and soul of Latin American music and dance and a growing choice for performance at weddings/special occasions.

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​Waltz – an elegant and graceful dance with beautiful music. The  gliding motion is 
reflective of the distinct 3 beat pattern that rises and falls. The beautiful patterns that you create as you dance and weave, sweep you away and you become one with the music. 
Still a popular first wedding dance choice it has remained the most romantic of all  ballroom dances. 

Specialized Courses

Rock n Roll

​Famous for its lifts, jumps, throws and flips the Rock'n'Roll dance originated from the lindy hop and the music got its name from the 'rocking and rolling' motion of a ship in a storm. Elvis Presley cover hits, "Hound Dog" 'Shake, Rattle and Roll" and "Rock around the Clock" created a fan base that rivaled any other artist in the world. A competitive athletic dance with much scope for personal expression, style, movement, and rhythm. Its shoulder shaking and toe tapping beat require a high stamina level.

Argentine Tango

​Passionate, sensual and tantalizing, the Argentine Tango captures the full gamut of human emotion of hope, disappointment and life itself.  The dance is full of many exciting embellishments which are fun to dance and impressive to see, many look very difficult but are really quite easy once you know how. You will learn the basic popular moves and learn to build them into a complete group of figures, and you will soon be dancing the Tango in the authentic style of Buenos Aires.