Mridula Martis
                                             Mridula Martis is a Licentiate with the UKA and is also a chartered accountant and worked with KPMG for 6 years before                                         travelling to London to pursue a  career in dance. She has authored a book “There is a dance for every song” which charts                                         her journey into dance. Mridula has trained in Latin, Ballroom, Ballet, Jazz, Rock and roll and Hiphop. Mridula also                                                 conducts dance therapy classes for children with special needs and believes that dance and music can bring tremendous                                           positive change into all lives.
 Vinay Hegde
                                     Vinay Hegde is Gold Bar certified up to competition level with the UKA and was working with Fidelity Investments in the                                         software sector before starting his career in dance. Vinay has trained in Latin, Ballroom, Tap, Jazz, Rock and roll and                                               Hiphop. Vinay also volunteers as a dance trainer in Government schools and is passionate about introducing dance to                                               boys at an early age to improve creative expression and develop any innate talent.

​They are also corporate dance trainers and have done workshops at TCS, Oracle, Accenture, Mindtree, Infosys, Wipro, HP, Cisco, Tesco, Genpact, Iflex, Fidelity, IIMB, IISC and many more. They teach in a number of educational  establishments introducing dance into the academic curriculum and are Faculty for Christ University Theatre Studies for Ballroom Dancing.

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